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Seoul searching

What happens if you put one of Sweden's favorite artists on a plane, fly him across the world, and capture the entire experience on film?


That's what we wanted to find out when we sent Benjamin Ingrosso to Samsung's hometown of Seoul, South Korea. Benjamin is always on the hunt for the next big thing, whether he's crafting a new dish or a perfect chorus. But to discover, one must search.

Seoul has everything you would expect from a creative global metropolis. During the journey, he gets lost in neon-soaked alleyways, discovers tteokbokki, and listens to the latest K-pop music.

Inspiration is everywhere, and new journeys open our eyes to new perspectives and influences.
That, and 24/7 karaoke clubs. They always help.
The result was "Seoul Searching," a three-part series on YouTube and Benjamin's social channels, targeting one of Samsung's most important target audiences, Gen Z and encouraging them to spend time with Samsung's products.

Girl holding a black shirt but a table with greenbackground

The Desk Snatch Pre-Rolls

We ”stole” famous YouTubers’ desks to show how much it sucks when someone beats you to your favorite seat.

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In the aftermath of Covid, many companies have changed their office setup to free seating and a “first come, first served” model. But studies show that employees experience stress and fear when someone else beats them to their favorite desk.

Evoko wanted to highlight this problem and promote a new solution: their new Kleeo desk manager. It’s a smart desk-booking system that helps office workers find and book their favorite spots.

So, we turned to YouTube, where the most famous YouTubers are known for streaming from the same spot every day. We recreated three studios from well-known YouTubers and used the clips as targeted pre-roll ads before the YouTubers’ videos – to get to their desk before them.

TOP #10

Most engaged post on Pewdiepie’s sub-reddit thread the week of launching.

Views on YouTube. Showing us that with a highly creative and innovative idea, even the smallest of investments in media spend can pay off.

Watch-through rate. Which really is outstanding. As the numbers are usually switched around, with the same percentage of pre-roll skippable advertisements on YouTube not being watched to an end.


Coffee stains? Dirty sneakers? Wrinkled shirt? Then you’ve come to the right place. As part of the re-launch of the H&M sustainability concept Take Care, we created twelve short films with everything you and your clothes need to know if disaster strikes. The idea was to steer away from the mundane tutorial and combine engaging storytelling and smashing visuals with helpful instructions, still with a “how-to” approach.

Girl holding a black shirt but a table with greenbackground
Girl holding a black shirt but a table with greenbackground


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A promise for the future created out of the past. For more than 160 years, Sandvik Materials Technology has been famous for their high-quality steel and special alloys. So how do we reassure the industry and employees that the quality and core values of the company will remain the same when the brand changes to ‘Alleima’? With an unbreakable promise for the future created out of their past.

It’s easy to claim that something is unbreakable, but another thing to prove it. In short films adapted for social media we exposed the contract to fire, water and extreme cold to demonstrate both the quality of the steel and Alleima’s unbreakable promise.